Worship Leaders

Alanna StoryAlanna Story

From as early as age 13, sisters Ally West and Anna Hodge have been using their gifts to lead others in worship. Growing up in a pastor’s home and surrounded by music, their passion for God and for worship began naturally. “I sensed from a really young age that the Lord had put a special place in my heart for worship,” Ally says. “I was pretty shy as a little girl, but I also loved to sing at the top of my lungs. So I often went into my closet with my worship tapes and my microphone and sang out to the Lord.”

This passion evolved into a deep calling as doors began to open for the sisters to use their giftings in greater capacities. “We started to be entrusted as worship leaders among our peers. It was terrifying, but it also felt like we were stepping into what the Lord wanted us to do. And as we simply said ‘yes’ to God, He kept giving us more opportunities to lead,” Ally shares.

As their love for the Lord deepened and their leadership platform expanded throughout their high school and college years at Anderson University, their passion to lead others into God’s presence also grew. “The role of a worship leader is to have one hand on the heart of God and one hand on the heart of the people,” Anna emphasizes. “To simultaneously be listening to the heart of the Father and also discerning where the people we are leading are at—so that we can help lead them closer to the heart of God…if they are willing to go.”

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